Word of mouth marketing

What is Marketing Communication?

Marketing communication is the whole process of promoting a firm's own product. It is very important in the increasing trade potential of our age, like other communication tools. In marketing communication, the goal is the interactions made in line with the goals such as learning what the demands of the buyers are, and directing the learned requests to different channels. What are the Methods in Marketing Communication? When strategies are determined in marketing communication, what is the budget of institutions and the market situation?

June 1, 2019
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Digital Marketing Strategies

There are digital marketing strategies developed to attract buyers and direct them to purchase products. The importance of these strategies is increasing day by day, especially with the shift of nearly half of the market share to online areas. Teams formed by both marketers and social media experts continue to work professionally in this field. Identifying Your Target Audience Identifying your target audience and…

June 1, 2019
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Why are the players' skills videos important?

Football is a popular sport followed by millions of people around the world. Football players, one of the most important actors of such a popular sport, are people who earn a lot according to the income levels of their countries. For this reason, 8 out of every 10 children you will say would say yes to go out on the street and become a football player. Mothers and fathers will come by enrolling their children in football schools at an early age.

February 2, 2019
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Innovative marketing for traditional marketing goals

We touched on innovative marketing methods to achieve traditional marketing goals. In this article, we have briefly covered the topics of ethnic marketing, word of mouth advertising, internet advertising, niche marketing, absurd advertising, guerrilla marketing, and squatting. 1- Ethnic marketing: This trend first started in America. They communicate with ethnic groups in their own national language, based on their own country culture. With the target customer…

January 23, 2019
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What is word of mouth marketing?

It is a marketing method for customers to refer to a product or service they bought as a reference to others. In short, it is word of mouth marketing. WOM (Word of Mouth) The reason why companies choose this marketing method; User experience removes uncertainty about the product and influences the purchasing decisions of potential customers. In the word of mouth marketing method, reasons are created for the customers to talk about the product.

January 11, 2019
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Guerilla Marketing

The name of guerrilla marketing was first introduced by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984. We can say that he is the inventor of this marketing. In this marketing method, which is the leader of the sector; Unorthodox tactics are used. Money is not used as the main tool. Guerrilla marketing is implemented at unexpected times to ensure maximum efficiency ; The goal is to surprise the target audience. Big companies also use this marketing…

January 9, 2019
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What is viral marketing?

The spread of word of mouth marketing, that is, the marketing that is carried out by everyone telling each other, via electronic messages over the web is called viral marketing. It was given this name because it spreads like a virus. Companies first choose a reliable source, a name, to spread the messages they want to convey. Because messages that start with a reliable brand leader are very effective. The aim is to create more chains…

January 8, 2019
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