Guerilla Marketing

The name of guerrilla marketing was first introduced by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984. We can say that he is the inventor of this marketing.

In this marketing method, which is the leader of the sector; Unorthodox tactics are used. Money is not used as the main tool. Guerrilla marketing is implemented at unexpected times to ensure maximum efficiency ; The goal is to surprise the target audience.

Large companies can also use this marketing technique, of course, but mostly small or newly established businesses prefer it. Because the human factor is essential. A sense of trust and close relationships with the customer are important. It is open to change. Guerrilla marketing; applies multiple marketing tactics in the campaigns it creates. Billboard, brochure, vehicle wrapping, pr, websites, e-mail, poster are guerrilla tactics. First of all, it aims to take place in the subconscious of the consumer. It cares more about profitability and customer relations than sales. Customer satisfaction is superior. It aims to make more sales to the same customers. Strong public relations, creative, observant of people on the street. Uses technology frequently. He is always in pursuit of the new. He loves to do market research, customer analysis and surprise his target audience. Examines his opponents but does not attack them. The Internet is a huge research resource for this marketing. It is important to use time well. Therefore, the fast-access information of the internet is quite compatible with guerrilla marketing. Reaching customers via websites and e-mail is also extremely easy.

Marketing activities included in guerrilla marketing:

word of mouth , confidential marketing , viral marketing , physical marketing, ambiance marketing are among these activities.

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