Brand Positioning

If you want to be a brand, you have to position your brand. We can explain the brand positioning to you with a single question. What color is Coca Cola? We seem to hear you say "red". Here is the brand positioning, the color, logo, emotion, packaging, graphic design, font style, web address of your product, and its uniqueness in the mind of the consumer as a whole.


As Kobimedia, we create all these services within our own company, add value to your brand and make a difference.


1- Detailed competitor and market research
The cornerstone of brand positioning is a very good competitor and market analysis. We analyze the ecosystem in which your brand will exist in the best way, and even if there are no competitors, we evaluate your possible competitors and risks, and we present you in detailed reports by evaluating the brands that provide you with the closest service.

2- We create points of difference.
You must have a feature that will make you unique that distinguishes your brand from other companies. We create this using items that fit your brand personality. Sometimes we can even provide this with a logo design or a color created just for you. Even if you are selling the same product as the competitor, you have to emphasize your uniqueness.

3- We aim to create a target audience loyal to your brand.
Brand awareness is important, but it provides brand continuity and sustainability. The most basic way to do this is to create a loyal consumer base. As Kobimedia, we create an emotional bond between the consumer and your brand with the right messages by using written, visual and social media. In this way, we provide buying propensity and consumer return. Remember that there is no better advertising tool than advice.

4- We create an active and hardworking brand image.
Even if you are a company that does the same job with your competitors, we ensure that you are actively involved in media flows, emphasizing that you are an innovative and more working brand, creating a sense of curiosity in the target audience and making them try your product. A loyal audience can only be created with a professional and active service.

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