Google Map Registration

What is Google map?

Google Maps is an online mapping service offered by Google. With this service, users can view maps around the world, search and get directions. Google Maps is also used to show the locations of local businesses, restaurants, hotels, shops and other institutions. Google Maps also allows users to view street views from around the world.

What does Google map offer to businesses?

Google Maps is an application that accurately displays the locations and street addresses of businesses. Having businesses on Google Maps allows potential customers to easily find the location and address of the business. Additionally, having a business on Google Maps increases the visibility of the business online and helps it reach a wider customer base. Businesses can register by creating a Google My Business account to be properly featured on Google Maps.

Google My Business is a free service offered by Google. With this service, users can easily reach your company. However, since it is free, you may get lost among these records that everyone adds. Constantly updating your business registration in accordance with the rules will help your company stand out.

What is Google map registration?

Google Map Registration is a service that allows businesses to register to increase their visibility on Google Maps. Business owners or authorized persons can update information such as the business's address, telephone number, working hours, and website on Google Maps, allowing customers to obtain more accurate and comprehensive information about the business. Additionally, businesses can manage customer reviews, upload photos and videos, host events, and even create in-business tours, thanks to Google Maps Registration. In this way, businesses can attract more customers by becoming more attractive to their potential customers.


Maps, which are frequently encountered in Google searches, indicate that the importance of location information has increased due to the development of mobile technology. In order for your map to appear in searches related to your industry, a map registration to Google is required. We make your map registration, which is an effective detail in reaching your target audience, on behalf of your company.

Why should I register the map?

Kobimedya difference in Google map record

Kobimedya offers a Google Map Registration service to ensure businesses are listed correctly on Google Maps. Within the scope of this service, information such as detailed information of businesses, business open/closed hours, contact information, website link, photographs and location of the business are listed accurately and completely. In this way, potential customers can find the location of the business, obtain information about the business, and easily communicate with the business. Google Map Registration service for businesses is extremely important in terms of customer acquisition and strengthening the digital presence of the business.

What advantages does Google map registration provide for businesses?

Google map listing is a service that allows businesses to be listed on Google Maps. By appearing on Google Maps, business owners can help potential customers easily find the business' location, address, phone number, website and business hours.

Google map listing helps business owners attract customers by making them more visible in local searches. Business owners can also track comments and reviews from their customers via the Google map registration page. In this way, they can get feedback about customer satisfaction and have the opportunity to improve their business services and products.

Google map registration also allows businesses to connect their social media accounts through their Google My Business page. In this way, businesses can reach more customers by sharing their social media posts directly on Google Maps.

In addition to all this, Google map registration also increases the online reputation of businesses. By sharing accurate information and contact information through the Google map registration page, businesses gain the trust of their customers and help them attract more customers.

Which businesses are Google maps registration suitable for?

Google Map registration provides advantages to many industries. It is especially important for local businesses. Many sectors such as restaurants, hotels, cafes, shops, hairdressers, health services are included in Google Maps, allowing customers to find their businesses more easily. Additionally, having local businesses on Google Maps increases their online presence and makes it easier for potential customers to access their businesses. Besides this, Google Map registration helps businesses gain greater visibility and achieve high rankings in local search results.

Google map registration application can be made immediately. A confirmation password is given to the phone number of your business, which we use when applying for map registration, by calling Google or by sending an sms. We complete your registration by sending us this password. Google may ask some businesses to verify by address only. In this case, it sends this password to the address of your business by cargo. In such a case, it is sufficient to send the password on the cargo to you.
The approximate duration of your map being active according to these 3 options;

  1. If the confirmation code is received by calling, your map becomes active in approximately 3 working days.
  2. If the confirmation password is received via sms, your map becomes active in approximately 3 working days.
  3. If the confirmation code is received via cargo, your map becomes active in approximately 15 working days, including the arrival of the cargo to you.
  • Search for keywords related to your industry on the Google search page.
  • In Google map (Address) searches
  • on navigation devices
  • Business searches on mobile phones
  • In Google Plus searches
  • In Google results for keyword searches from your region

In 2018, Google blended its software known as Google maps or Google maps with more features and came up with Google My Business, also known as Google Business. By adding the features that a company may need to its software, Google has become able to meet the needs of not only large companies, but also small-scale companies that cannot adapt to digital transformation and have insufficient infrastructure.

Google My business dazzles not only with its map feature, but also with its statistics system. They can see many of the information that can improve a company's advertising and promotion strategy, from the number of visitors to the site using Google maps to the number of people who call on the map. In addition, thanks to its website feature, it provides an area where companies that do not have a website can introduce themselves to their customers, albeit briefly.

Although with the developing technology, the options for companies to introduce themselves more and reach the customer faster are increasing, the systems are also getting more complicated. If you are a company that is too small to allocate a budget for Google maps, it is possible for you to have a presence on Google maps to benefit your company by your own means. However, if your goal is larger, you will constantly enter the Google maps application, follow all the developments and integrate your map record accordingly. If you are too focused on your own business to follow Google maps, you should work with a company that specializes in Google maps. Kobimedia has a staff that is expert in the field and follows the innovations. In this way, your Google map record will be kept up-to-date, and you will benefit from it at the maximum level by adapting it to new developments. If you want to work with us on this issue, you can reach us from this link.

Note: The examples given above are not precise. Where you go out is entirely up to Google. This service only includes professional Google map recording based on your industry and keywords.

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