Viral Advertising

From marketers shouting their goods for sale to the biggest-budget television commercial, consumers need to know what you're offering them. For this reason, advertising a particular product or service has become the basis for creating a successful business.


Advertising isn't just about what you see on television, billboards and magazines

Today, the whole world has become a market. Millions of brands and products are competing for attention. Each of us is exposed to around 1,500 brand messages a day. With the advancing technology, advertising is no longer just about what you see on television, billboards and magazines.

As Kobimedia, we enable you to play an active role in new media by researching options beyond television, press and posters, by producing creative solutions both according to the rapidly changing media landscape and the changing habits of the consumer.

Instead of just producing posters, press or television campaigns, Kobimedia can record and distribute a piece of music for the brand, have a party in a park, produce content and circulate on social media, create a magazine, television show or youtube video suitable for your brand, via mobile phones or It can create interactive websites that will provide the fastest access over the internet. The important thing is to discover where you need to engage effectively with your target audience.

Outside of normal link building rules, viral ads are based on attracting people to their attention at an unexpected time and place using emotional elements. Sometimes it is obvious what is being marketed, and sometimes you are not even aware that you are looking at an ad or contacting it. Our aim in our viral campaigns is to create brand sympathy in consumers by differentiating your products and services in a stronger, creative and constructive way. We do this outside of traditional channels, using social media and mainstream video sites. With the creative content we create, we ensure that your brand wanders from language to language and increases its awareness.

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