What is Marketing Communication?

Marketing communication is the whole process of promoting a company's own product. In the increasing trade potential of our age, it is very important like other communication tools. In marketing communication, the target is called the interactions made in line with the objectives such as learning what the demands of the buyers are and directing the learned demands to different channels.

What are the Methods in Marketing Communication?

When strategies are determined in marketing communication, concepts such as the budgets of the institutions, the state of the market, who the target audience is, and the basic situation of competition become determinative. What is marketing communication? After understanding the question thoroughly, let's look at what the methods are for now, item by item.

– One of the first methods used in marketing communication is to carry out public relations activities.

– The packaging of the product, its corporate visuality and brand need to be created.

– One of the most effective strategies in marketing communication is the introduction of the product's own advertisement.

– Management of all stages in the customer relationship.

- Performing one-on-one sales activities.

– Finding sponsors for the product.

– Distribute promotions.

– Execution of direct sales transactions.

What is the General Purpose of Marketing Communications?

First of all, it can be said that the most basic purpose of marketing communication is to increase the sales of the focused product. In order to increase this sales, the first thing to do is to create a brand for the product and increase its awareness. While promoting the product, it is trying to promote the company that presents the product. By promoting both the product and the company, it is aimed to attract the attention of the buyer group to the product.

After adequate promotion of the company, buyers are informed about the advantages of the product, if any. If customer-centric strategies are deemed appropriate, the focus is on the consumer rather than the product. Here, all the necessary technological tools can be used. Briefly, what is marketing communication? To give a complete answer to the question, we can answer as follows. It is the whole of situations such as advertising strategies and product definition followed in order to increase the sales of the produced product.

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