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Kobimedia is a Turkey-based digital marketing agency. Founded in 2006 in Istanbul, the company offers digital marketing services such as PR services, web design, social media management, SEO, digital advertising, photography and video production.

Kobimedia works with companies that offer 5-star hotels, restaurants, SPA centers, automotive, aesthetic centers, lawyers, architects and other professional services. The company works to increase the visibility of its brands and enhance its digital assets by offering a marketing strategy tailored to the needs of its customers.

Kobimedia specializes in web design and development and offers its customers customized, SEO friendly and mobile compatible websites. It also provides management of social media accounts and digital advertising services.

Kobimedia serves its customers in more than one language and can also develop websites with multi-site features.

Kobimedia specializes in creating an effective digital marketing strategy for its customers and follows the latest trends in the industry.

Kobimedia's corporate culture is formed with customer satisfaction and quality service at the center of the business. Our company aims to continuously improve itself in order to best respond to the needs of our customers by working in accordance with ethical and transparent business principles.

Teamwork and communication are very important in Kobimedia. Clear and accurate communication between our team members ensures collaboration and timely and effective completion of work. In addition, each of our employees aims to be an expert and talented in their job and constantly improves themselves.

Kobimedia also acts with social responsibility awareness and carries out various social responsibility projects to benefit the society. In this way, it aims to contribute to both the business world and the society.

As a result, Kobimedia's corporate culture is based on customer satisfaction, quality service, ethical and transparent business principles, teamwork, timely and effective completion of work, expertise and social responsibility awareness.

Our vision:
Turkey's leading company in the coming years in the service we provide to our brand positioning and planning to resume sustainable corporate success. To carry our company to the top in the international arena with our result-oriented strategies.

Our Mission:
We realize the digital transformation of companies and individuals, undertake communication consultancy and manage their reputation, and offer them creative and fast solutions in times of crisis and success. Success is our focus. We provide after sales support at a high level. In the ever-evolving and transforming market, we establish deep empathy with our customers, analyze the expectations correctly and determine their needs in the most accurate way.

As Kobimedia, we always adopt the highest ethical standards such as honesty, transparency, respect, reliability and honest business practices. We make every effort to reflect these values in all aspects of our business, in our relationships with our customers, business partners, employees and society.

When working with our clients, we seek to fully understand their business needs and goals and develop the right strategies to achieve the best results. At the same time, we maintain honest, open and transparent communication when working with our customers and always comply with laws and regulations.

When working with our business partners, we take care to develop fair, respectful and mutually beneficial relationships. Compliance with laws and ethical standards is among our top priorities in all our agreements with our business partners.

For our employees, we promote values such as respect, fairness, equality, openness and cooperation. We offer training, support and opportunities to enable them to make the most of their talents, skills and abilities. In addition, we regularly provide training for our employees to fully understand their work and comply with ethical standards.

As a result, as Kobimedia, we adopt high ethical standards and advocate honesty, respect and good business practices in all aspects of our business.

As Kobimedia, we want to make a difference not only in our business, but also in society. Therefore, we adopt an approach that considers not only our own interests, but also the general interests of society. Social responsibility is one of the core values of our organization and one of the elements that determine the way we do business.

As part of society, we respect ourselves, our employees, our customers and our business partners. At the same time, we respect ethical values and base honesty, transparency and justice. In the conduct of our business, we consider the health, safety and well-being of the community.

Among our social responsibilities, we attach special importance to environmental protection activities. While doing business, we respect the environment and natural resources, and follow constantly developing technologies to ensure energy efficiency. In addition, we train our employees to raise awareness on sustainability and encourage environmentally friendly behaviors.

As Kobimedia, we also fulfill our social responsibility by cooperating with local communities. We take part in projects that meet the needs of society so that our work will benefit society. We participate in activities aimed at increasing regional development and welfare, and support local culture.

As a result, as kobimedia, we want to make a difference not only in our business, but also in society. Our social responsibility values are one of the core elements of our business, and we act with not only our own interests in mind, but also the general interests of society. The health, safety and well-being of the community is important to us and we are committed to sustainability.

  • Industry experience from 2006 to this time.
  • Having a wide service network that will increase corporate reputation especially in the digital environment.
  • Experience in national print media.
  • Ability to do all the work required to be an advertising agency within its own structure.
  • Using different methodologies in determining the target audience.
  • The reports and analysis are understandable.
  • Keeping the after-sales service approach at the forefront.
  • It gives more reasonable prices as almost all of the work done is within its own structure.
  • Not trying to provide services that you don't need to sell.
Web design
Social media consultancy
Press consultancy
Google optimization
Reputation management
E-commerce consultancy

We are in love with this job

"Things that are not excited while being done cannot be accomplished," said the famous thinker Emerson.
It is a fact that has not changed since our establishment in 2006.

Services that will add value to your brand are in Kobimedia. You, too, add value to your brand.

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