What do I do if social media sites go down?

It is a time of social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) faced with the danger of closing in Turkey. This is because; the governors of the Republic of Turkey regarding social media sites; Do not want them to have a representative in Turkey stems from. Actually, there is an interlocutor problem. When a request from the Republic of Turkey on social media sites about a subject that AmAyAbiliyorlar answer. They have to answer if it will have a representative in Turkey ....

December 3, 2020
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Qr Menu

Kobimedia Inc. Developed by QR Menu service, hotel, restaurant, bar, sports center, etc. It is the transfer of menus made of paper or plastic material used in places to digital. Especially nowadays, when a virus has taken the world by storm and we need to minimize both distance and contact with each other, the qr menu offered via qr code is very large and more than one for businesses.

August 12, 2020
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Aerial Photography and Video Shooting

Our Kobimedia team, which uses aerial shooting technology in the safest way and performs professional flights; In every region of Turkey has been implementing successfully the services shots in the air. Sometimes shooting from the ground is not enough to tell the whole story. Aerial photography or video shooting can be done using planes, helicopters or just drones. Art and technique must come together to reveal the story. We can only suffer ...

August 12, 2020
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You can contact us to protect your brand immediately and to get trademark registration service. The trademark is a distinctive feature of your company's products or services and sets you apart from your competitors. Using creative words in trademark selection increases your trademark's chances of being unique without risking being confused with someone else's trademark. Trademark registration, recognition among customers for you and your company ...

August 11, 2020
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Types and Features of Seo

In Turkey, "Google Optimization" or "SEO", known as "search engine optimization" With our service, your website will be noticed more quickly by your target audience, your potential customers will visit your site more often. Working with Kobimedia will add value to you. The way businesses advertise their product marketing and service has improved. Especially with the development of the internet, the situation of reaching millions of users, the traditional marketing of brands ...

August 10, 2020
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Web design

Your corporate website, which will be made by Kobimedia, will be hosted smoothly thanks to the special software on our powerful servers and you will be able to get technical support by contacting us 24/7. Web design has been changing rapidly in recent years. While minimalist design, clear structures and striking visuals have become the norm, text is kept to a minimum and visuality stands out. The design of a website has gained importance and most of them…

August 9, 2020
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Venue Photo Shooting

If you want to take professional photos of your space, our Venue Photo Shooting service is just for you. photos and videos are the easiest way to describe your business and location. We are with you as Kobimedia with professional equipment and staff. More and more event venues are opting for professional photo shoots to speed up their marketing efforts and increase bookings. Professional photography of a place, especially people and event ...

August 8, 2020
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Usage of Google Maps and General Features

In general terms, the age we are in can be called the internet age. The biggest representatives and search engine of this internet age is undoubtedly Google. In addition to being a Google search engine, it also has many different services. The most important and one of the most scientific of these services is the Google map service. Google map service has a very useful structure in general sense ...

August 7, 2020
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Kobimedia A.S. We provide consultancy services on Tripadvisor. You can check our previous article at this link. If you wish, you can reach us on our contact page. TripAdvisor review website, which was launched in 2000, works in the travel and hospitality market. After a few years of struggle in the early years but then increasingly massive to become one of the largest travel sites globally.

August 5, 2020
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Why is the Use of Social Media Important for Companies?

Social media is a formation that attracts attention with the use of people of all ages today. Social media, which can be used by people of all ages, is one of the most effective advertising tools today, although it seems like it was only made to find old friends. When faced with a new place or a new service industry, people seek to get information by calling these companies from their social media accounts.

August 2, 2020
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