Press Consultancy

It is very important for your company to be known and spoken in terms of the corporate identity of your company. With this service, which will increase the marketing power of your company, we prepare the innovations, organizations, campaigns you want to announce to your target customers as effective press releases that are interesting and newsworthy. .


Would you like your company to be featured in the national press as you wish?

The scope of our press consultancy service

Copywriting: Preparing interesting, different, media suitable texts on the subject you decide to promote in the press, with news value.

Media Planning: Planning in which channels and how and in which media prepared press releases should take place.

Press Consultancy: Creating the necessary public opinion by serving the prepared news to the press.

Media Tracking: Monitoring your news published in the media and presenting it to you as a report. The publication of the news often in the national press and we prepared arouse interest, media consulting services enable us to be the most preferred company in Turkey.

Why is the press advisory service important?

Press consultancy service has become a digital reputation for companies in parallel with the development of digital journalism. With the awareness of the customers, the information entered into Google about the company becomes a reference for the customers. Therefore, the news on the websites of a company that receives press consultancy service becomes a positive reference for customers thanks to the search made in search engines. News published within the scope of our press consultancy service also contributes greatly to the brand positioning of companies. People looking for a service or product related to your industry are also more likely to find you. By making your existing customers more confident in your corporate identity, customer loyalty also increases.

Would you like your company to be featured in the national press as you wish?

  • You are introducing a new product to the market ..
  • You want to make a promotional announcement ..
  • You moved your office or are celebrating the anniversary of your company ..

While there is so much news about your company that can be announced, haven't you been in the press yet?

Perception of companies in the press

  • Reliable
  • Successful
  • No comment

The above data is the average of various studies conducted. It has no certainty. It is given for informational purposes only.

With the Press Consultancy service, you can ensure that your company takes an effective place in the press. In this way, your brand value and awareness of your brand will increase.

Press Consultancy service should be provided by companies that want to be in the press, to increase the awareness of their brand and to reach their target audience in the best way.

Thanks to Press Consultancy, your brand will become known and gain value. In this way, you will get ahead of rival companies and your earnings will increase significantly.

Press consultancy is a very wide service. The control of the news in the press, the planning of these news in a way to increase the value of the brand, and the reporting of the study can be said as part of the Press Consultancy service.

Press Consultancy service does not have a standard duration. It varies according to the wishes and expectations of the company.

The purpose of the Press Consultancy service is to ensure that the news that will increase the value of the brand instead of the news that will harm the brand value in the press. Our company gives a guarantee for this service.

In order to benefit from the Press Consultancy service, you can reach our related department by using the contact section on our website. You can also use our contact page to find answers to your questions.

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