Google optimization

What is Google optimization (SEO)?

Google optimization is the optimization of a website to achieve a higher ranking in Google search engine results pages (SERPs). This process includes editing the content and technical structure of the website, conducting keyword research, link building and using other SEO (search engine optimization) techniques.

Google optimization is used to make websites appear higher in search results, driving more organic traffic to the website and making it easier for potential customers to access your site. Therefore, it is important for the sustainability and growth of businesses' online presence.

Generally, there are two different types of Google optimization (SEO):

  1. On-Page SEO: It covers the edits and improvements made to the content of a website. Examples include keyword usage, title tags, meta descriptions, URL structuring, content quality and appropriate display.
  2. Off-Page SEO: It allows a website to rank higher with factors such as external links and social media shares. This type of SEO work includes elements such as backlink creation, social media marketing, and sharing of impressive content.

Why is Google optimization (SEO) important?

Google optimization is the application of a set of techniques and strategies that enable a website to rank higher in Google search results. Therefore, Google optimization of a business's website helps it reach potential customers more easily and increase brand awareness by increasing search engine traffic.

Google optimization also helps businesses save money by reducing advertising costs. A good Google optimization strategy enables the business to have more traffic organically and therefore helps it achieve higher conversion rates and higher sales volumes. Google optimization has an important place in today's digital marketing strategies and is necessary for the success of businesses.

Kobimedya difference in Google optimization (SEO)…

Kobimedya offers many services regarding Google optimization, that is, SEO (Search Engine Optimization). These services include keyword research, on-site optimization, off-site optimization, technical SEO, reporting and analysis.

Keyword research helps determine which keywords customers use in searches related to their business. On-site optimization optimizes the website's content, titles, meta descriptions, URL structures and other factors, ensuring that it is better understood by search engines and achieves a higher ranking.

Off-site optimization means optimizing factors outside of your website. This includes elements such as backlinks on other websites, social media shares, and listing your business accurately in local directories.

Technical SEO involves optimizing the speed, security, mobile-friendliness and other technical aspects of the website. Reporting and analysis are used to track the performance of the website and make improvements.

Kobimedya has an experienced team to provide the best service to its customers in Google optimization and helps businesses increase their Google rankings by constantly following current developments.

For which businesses is Google optimization (SEO) suitable?

SEO is suitable for many different types of businesses. Some examples of these business types:

  1. E-commerce sites: E-commerce sites that sell online can reach potential customers more easily by ensuring their websites rank higher in Google search results, thanks to SEO work.
  2. Blogs: Blogs that focus on content production can attract more organic traffic and reach more readers with SEO efforts.
  3. Regional businesses: Regional businesses can reach potential customers more easily by ranking higher in local searches with SEO efforts.
  4. Ventures: If you have established a new venture, you can increase your brand awareness by reaching more of your target audience thanks to SEO work.
  5. Corporate companies: Corporate companies can also attract more organic traffic and increase their brand awareness by increasing their online presence with SEO studies.
  6. SEO work is very important for hotel businesses. Especially with the increasing number of online reservations, hotels need to reach more customers over the internet. At this point, SEO efforts aim to rank higher in search engines, allowing potential customers to have more access to the hotel website. For example, when a person planning a holiday searches for "Antalya hotels" on Google, hotels that rank higher in the search results are more likely to be clicked. There is a chance. Therefore, SEO-compatible hotel websites help them be more preferred by search engines.

    Additionally, thanks to SEO efforts, hotels' chances of competing with rival hotels increase. Since there is intense competition, especially in the tourism sector, it is important for hotels to attract the attention of potential customers and get ahead of their competitors with SEO work.

Apart from these examples, businesses from almost every sector can strengthen their online presence and reach their target audience more easily with SEO work.

In Turkey "Google Optimization"Or"SEOWith our "Search engine optimization" service known as ", your website will be noticed by your target audience more quickly, and your potential customers will visit your site more frequently.

Our Google optimization service scope

  • By analyzing your website, your target audience and keywords are determined.
  • The work to be done on your website is done in accordance with your target audience.
  • By examining the structure of your website, parts that are not suitable for Google are detected.
  • We provide intervention to the parts related to the content.
  • Software problems are presented as a report.
  • Analytics, maps, webmaster records related to Google are made.
  • If your website map cannot be created by your software, it will be generated manually by us.
  • Content work is done in accordance with the targeted words on your website.

How users find websites

The rates are given for informational purposes, by generalizing, considering websites that do not advertise.

Google optimization is very important to find your website. This is how the products and services on your website are easily found by customers.

SEO’nun ingilizce anlamı olan Search Engine Optimization kelimesinin baş harflerinden oluşmaktadır. Bu kelimenin türkçe karşılığı arama motoru optimizasyonudur. Ülkemizde Kullanıcıların %86’sı Google’ı kullandığı için, biz her kullanıçı tarafından anlaşılır olmak amacıyla, Google optimizasyon kelimesini kullanmaktayız. Kısaca, SEO ve Google optimizasyon ülkemizde aynı anlamda kullanılmaktadır.

Selling your website saying it is SEO supported does not mean that you will go out on Google. Some features in the general structure of websites are named in this way. For example, it is said that the url structure of your website can be set as "your domain.com/seo-seo- support-website", the automatic creation of the sitemap, and the creation of your website in today's web standards. It is a promotional text that supports product promotion. Therefore, it is useful to get Google optimization service so that people who search for you and your services can find your website.

This is a common stereotype we hear. Google is an ecosystem with billions of users. By constantly changing the system, it tries to present the most accurate results to the users in the fastest way. Google's ad revenue is billions of dollars. In such an ecosystem, it is impossible to go to page 1 simply. It is an insult to Google's investments.

You can ask yourself the following question. "If there are 50 websites doing the same job as you, if they all receive the same number of visitors from advertisements, natural searches, social media referrals, which sites will the top 10 rank consist of?"

The price of our Google optimization service depends on the average number of searches for the word you want to exit, the search density of the word, the technical changes we will make on your site, the time we need to spend, etc. varies according to the criteria. To get an exact price, we submit a request.

Wordpress infrastructure is a widely used system in the world. Although it has many advantages due to its open source code, it is a system that you need to constantly update and backup. We also prefer WordPress on most sites. Since it is open source, it has a lot of plugins and infrastructure for Google optimization. WordPress is a good SEO choice if used deliberately in expert hands.

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