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Son yıllarda tüm dünyada yaşanan ekonomik gerileme, nakit krizi ve piyasalardaki sıkışma birçok firma için endişe oluşturmaktadır.Hedef müşterilerine daha çabuk ulaşmak ve iş hacimlerini arttırmak isteyen firmalar için web siteleri eskisinden çok daha önemli bir pazarlama mekanizması haline gelmiştir. Bir web sitenizin olması , potansiyel müşterilerinizin size ulaşması için yeterli değildir. Türk internet kullanıcılarının %95’lik kısmı ulaşmak istedikleri bilgiye Google arama motorunu kullanarak erişmektedir. Google Optimizasyon çalışması, web sitenizin seçtiğiniz hedef kelimelerde , Google’da yapılan doğal arama sonuçlarında 1.sayfada çıkmasını sağlamak için yapılan en iyileme çalışmalarının tümüdür.


In Turkey "Google Optimization"Or"SEOWith our "Search engine optimization" service known as ", your website will be noticed by your target audience more quickly, and your potential customers will visit your site more frequently.

Why is Google Optimization important?

It is very important to be on the 1st page in search engines. Most internet users are only interested in sites on the first page. Your customers, the target audience of your company, consciously reach your website with the keywords you choose. In addition, it is widely believed that the sites on the 1st page belong to prestigious companies. Many successful companies in their sector make the most effective advertisement in this way.

What Does Kobimedia Do?

Kobimedia's professional team makes your website % 100 compliant with the search engine algorithm. You get ahead of your competitors by ranking at the top of natural search results for the keywords you choose on Google. With the Google Optimization work we will apply to your website, we ensure that your site is not only noticed by Google but also by other search engines.

Kobimedy Information and Media Services, all sectors and Turkey which runs from every part of the corporate customers for many years, Google Optimization service that, contrary pioneering kuruluştur.googl algorithm was separated from the continuity with other firms in the study and will harm your website transactions are done by our company.

Our Google optimization service scope

  • By analyzing your website, your target audience and keywords are determined.
  • The work to be done on your website is done in accordance with your target audience.
  • By examining the structure of your website, parts that are not suitable for Google are detected.
  • We provide intervention to the parts related to the content.
  • Software problems are presented as a report.
  • Analytics, maps, webmaster records related to Google are made.
  • If your website map cannot be created by your software, it will be generated manually by us.
  • Content work is done in accordance with the targeted words on your website.

How users find websites

  • Google
  • Social media
  • Direct
  • Reference sites
  • Other

The rates are given for informational purposes, by generalizing, considering websites that do not advertise.

Google optimization is very important to find your website. This is how the products and services on your website are easily found by customers.

SEO’nun ingilizce anlamı olan Search Engine Optimization kelimesinin baş harflerinden oluşmaktadır. Bu kelimenin türkçe karşılığı arama motoru optimizasyonudur. Ülkemizde Kullanıcıların %86’sı Google’ı kullandığı için, biz her kullanıçı tarafından anlaşılır olmak amacıyla, Google optimizasyon kelimesini kullanmaktayız. Kısaca, SEO ve Google optimizasyon ülkemizde aynı anlamda kullanılmaktadır.

Selling your website saying it is SEO supported does not mean that you will go out on Google. Some features in the general structure of websites are named in this way. For example, it is said that the url structure of your website can be set as "your support-website", the automatic creation of the sitemap, and the creation of your website in today's web standards. It is a promotional text that supports product promotion. Therefore, it is useful to get Google optimization service so that people who search for you and your services can find your website.

This is a common stereotype we hear. Google is an ecosystem with billions of users. By constantly changing the system, it tries to present the most accurate results to the users in the fastest way. Google's ad revenue is billions of dollars. In such an ecosystem, it is impossible to go to page 1 simply. It is an insult to Google's investments.

You can ask yourself the following question. "If there are 50 websites doing the same job as you, if they all receive the same number of visitors from advertisements, natural searches, social media referrals, which sites will the top 10 rank consist of?"

The price of our Google optimization service depends on the average number of searches for the word you want to exit, the search density of the word, the technical changes we will make on your site, the time we need to spend, etc. varies according to the criteria. To get an exact price, we submit a request.

Wordpress infrastructure is a widely used system in the world. Although it has many advantages due to its open source code, it is a system that you need to constantly update and backup. We also prefer WordPress on most sites. Since it is open source, it has a lot of plugins and infrastructure for Google optimization. WordPress is a good SEO choice if used deliberately in expert hands.

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