Social Media Consulting

What is the social media consulting service?

Social media consultancy service is to provide expertise and consultancy services to manage, optimize and improve the presence of a company or individual on social media platforms. Social media consultants provide their clients with social media strategy creation, content creation, account management, social media advertising and analytics services. Social media consulting helps increase brand awareness and customer loyalty by increasing a brand's presence on social media, marketing products and services, and growing the business in general.

Social media consultancy service can be used for many different purposes such as increasing brand awareness, ensuring customer loyalty, increasing sales, reputation management, crisis management, and market research. Social media consultants help increase the efficiency of social media accounts by developing strategies and tactics tailored to the needs of their clients.

Which social platforms does the social media consultancy service cover?

Social media consultancy service can be used on social media platforms operating on many different channels. These platforms include popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube. Social media consultants work to identify the most suitable platforms for their clients' target audience and to create strategies tailored to their needs.


SME difference in social media consultancy service…

With the social media services we offer as Kobimedia, we help brands to deliver their digital assets to wider audiences. Our services include:

Social media strategy development: Collaborating with our customers, we create a customized social media strategy to achieve the goals we set.

Social media account management: By managing our customers' social media accounts, we share creative and impressive content that reflects the brand identity.

Advertising management: By using advertising spaces on social media platforms, we enable our customers to reach their target audiences more effectively.

Analysis and reporting: We provide detailed reports to our customers by analyzing social media performance. These reports help us shape our future social media strategies.

We offer services customized to our customers' needs and attach great importance to customer satisfaction. You can contact us to get more interaction on your social media accounts and increase your brand awareness.

Why should you get consultancy service?

Brands or individuals need to get social media consultancy services today, where being on social media is now a mandatory requirement. Thanks to the social media consultancy service, brands or individuals can reach their target audiences more accurately by managing their social media accounts more professionally. In addition, thanks to the social media consultancy service, brands or individuals can plan the content on their social media accounts more effectively, track the shares, increase the interaction rates and strengthen the brand awareness.

Who is the social media consultancy service suitable for?

Social media consultancy service may be suitable where any business, brand or personal account wants to have an effective presence on social media platforms and integrate their marketing strategies into these platforms. Social media consultants can develop strategies to help businesses reach and interact with their target audiences. Also, due to the ever-changing nature of social media platforms, social media consultants can help businesses follow trends and update their strategies on these platforms.

Social media consulting service is a suitable service for businesses in almost any industry. Especially in recent years, with the increasing importance of the digital world, businesses need to use social media channels effectively. For this reason, restaurants in the food sector, stores in the retail sector, e-commerce sites, hotels in the travel sector, tourism companies, companies in the fashion and clothing sector, clinics in the health sector, law offices, financial consultancy firms, construction companies, consultancy firms and businesses in many other sectors can benefit from media consultancy services.

What Does a Social Media Consultant Do?

  • Social media account management of your company.
  • It increases the fan base suitable for your company with advertising campaigns and events.
  • It reports the monthly movements on the pages.
  • It cooperates with the webmaster to assist with complaints and support issues.
  • They forward the requests to the sales and marketing department.
  • It is also an important medium for brand positioning.

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Kobimedia difference in social media consultancy service

As Kobimedia, we transfer our 17 years of experience to our customers, and we ensure that our customers become well-known and profitable companies in the sector, with a positive brand perception. The fact that we provide services in the field of informatics and media also enables us to provide 360-degree PR service to our customers. We can also provide information or press consultancy services to a company that receives social media consultancy. To get information about our social media consultancy or other services, please contact us via this link.

In Social Media Consultancy service, it is aimed to make your brand known on social media and increase its popularity. It is ensured that the brands for this purpose are included in the social media in the best way. Using the power of social media in the best way for your brand will add value to your brand.

It is possible to reach large audiences easily with social media. For this reason, Social Media Consultancy has become a necessity for companies that want to reach their target audience in the most effective and short way, increase their brand value and make the brand known. Even world-famous companies are working to be effective on social media.

Social Media Consulting is actually a broad concept. When it comes to social media, only Facebook and Twitter come to mind, but social media is not limited to these sites. In addition to these sites, it is ensured that the brand is included in large sites such as Google Plus, Instagram, Foursquare, Youtube, Vimeo and Pinterest according to its purpose.

It is not possible to narrow the Social Media Consulting service to a certain period of time. There are steps such as planning, setting goals, achieving the goal in the best way, analyzing the results and acting on the results. However, an estimated time is determined according to the wishes of the company. However, there is no standard time application.

Social Media Consultancy service is carried out within a large business plan. At the end of the study, the results are presented as a report. By taking this service, the company is guaranteed to be more effective and active in social media.

You can get the Social Media Consultancy service by contacting our Social Media Department from the communication section of our site and learning the necessary information and the special offer to be prepared for you.

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