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Kobimedia Inc. Ş., we offer a channel manager service to hotels. We ensure that hotels are included in popular hotel sales sites that serve digitally. Together with the partners we work with, we offer the opportunity to use all sales channels effectively and up-to-date. In this way, hotels can effortlessly increase their revenues in digital media. You, too, Kobimedia A.Ş. If you want to increase your income by taking advantage of the knowledge of the company, just fill out the form below.

What is Hotel Channel Manager?

The use of technology in marketing channels in the tourism and hotel industry is increasing day by day. Channel manager software is one of the computer programs designed to increase revenues thanks to efficiency management.

In this article, which examines whether channel manager software provides advantages to hotels, the contribution of the time-saving feature to the operational activities and revenues by gathering the complex structure of online marketing under a single roof in the marketing structure of the sector is examined. By making critical and effective dynamic pricing for hotel businesses, it can reach occupancy in their current capacities. It has also been observed that hotels occasionally encounter negative situations in online marketing channels.

Qualitative research has shown that these channel management software give successful results.

We can say that Hotel Channel Manager is actually a solution partner for you. It is a software created for hotel businesses.

It is a software that allows you to automatically update the pages on your hotel's own website and other online sites that include information such as price and availability of your hotel.
Your hotel's online channel manager should be arranged regularly. To do this, you always need to enter each website address and confirm each information individually. However, thanks to this computer software, you will be able to do your routine work easily.

Otherwise, there are some problems you may encounter. For example, Booking.com has a unique internet structure and a site that is updated every day, at the same time, it takes time to follow the developments of the site and to know the content of each OTA.

As you can see, Hotel Channel Manager is a useful software that enables you to make error-free data entries on a single platform.


Perfect Two-Way Communication Infrastructure

Hotel Channel Managment establishes a true two-way communication. It enables information exchange to take place simultaneously on your own website and on other online channels. When your channel manager enters the hotel information into the system, that information is automatically seen in all other channels.

Enter your price and availability information for all your contracted online sales channels with a single click.

Easily track price equality for your hotel

Check in your hotel rooms whenever you want.

Different room rates / availability information etc. You can login.

It both facilitates and minimizes your routine work by saving time, effort and money.

Integration with Other Software

It can be easily integrated with other system software. It also saves you money and time. You can easily use with Central Reservation System, Central Reservation System, front office program of your hotel, travel agency, website, Search Engine on your hotel website, Search Engine software and programs.

Benefits of Hotel Channel Manager Software

It gives you the opportunity to increase your income. It allows you to reach more than one online sales channel. Since you can easily make your data entries, you can get rid of this trouble without fear, and you can get every information to the same place with a single click. As a result, your sales will increase and your hotel income will also increase.

Save time. By entering your information from one place, you are actually entering data on dozens of sites at the same time. Your time savings will be very high. Thanks to flexible channel management, you can rebook and update at the same time.

This system also has high global standards. You can adapt it to online calendar programs and update it whenever you want.

What to Consider When Choosing a Channel Manager

Find out how many hotels and by which hotels Hotel Channel Manager program is used. It will again give you a good idea of how many years each customer has been using this software. The large number of hotels and the fact that it has been used by the same hotel for many years in the market is considered as an important indicator of the quality of the software.

Hotel Channel Manager in Turkey Takes you to make sure Situated right of a support system. Support teams abroad do not work very well.

The product is a complex product, so be sure to check if the user interface is easy to use. At the same time, the answer to why the support system is important lies here. Because trainings are given to use the system.

To support this setup, assign the hotel channel manager, that is, the authorized person from your hotel.

Find out which channels Hotel Channel Manager supports.

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