Perception management

Perception management is one of the most basic methods used to reach, promote and adopt a particular product or service to the masses. In the media industry, it is very important to be able to communicate between the brand and the consumer using the right messages. If communication is provided correctly, perception management is inevitable.


As Kobimedia, we use visual, written and social media actively and dominantly for perception management.

Our goal in perception management is to market your brand's products, your brand personality to reach large audiences and to direct your target audience in line with the strategies we have determined.


1- The right concepts, the right message ..
In order to manage the perception of your brand's target audience, our priority is to make sure that every message to be conveyed is correct. For this, we create messages in line with your brand's corporate and purpose policy. These messages are designed to create a sense of brand ownership and loyalty in the consumer.

2- We make a detailed analysis of your target audience
No matter how good an idea, service or product is, if it is not positioned in line with the feelings and thoughts of the audience that will use them, and their purchasing tendencies, you have no chance to be successful. Kobimedia determines your target audience suitable for your brand and implements strategies that will create brand sympathy and awareness in the target audience by creating appropriate insights according to their social-cultural characteristics.

3- We create clear and precise messages.
Human perception is selective, and scientific research shows that people do not prefer to perceive complex messages that come to their eyes. We are exposed to thousands of brand messages throughout the day. As Kobimedia, our goal is to make you noticed among thousands. For this, it is very important to address people's perception and to manage perception. Every message about your brand has to make an impression. For this reason, we use simple and clear messages that explain you very clearly.

4- We manage visual perception
We live in an age where the visual elements beat the written elements. The management of visual perception is very important in the management of general perception. For this reason, each element used should be designed in a way that reflects the personality of the institution, is harmonious and appealing to the eye. Sometimes we can achieve this by using just one color and brand logo. The important thing is to be able to manage the perception of the target audience in accordance with the personality of your brand.

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