Music Album Production

For a long time, you want everyone to hear your song and you have been dreaming of it. You want to release an album, but you don't know where to start. Arranger, producer, studio, distribution, pr etc. If you do not want to deal with procedures, this service is for you. You work with the most suitable arranger for your song, you receive your album without dealing with other procedures.


We offer the services of publishing your music album - printing, making official transactions of the songs mastered by the arranger by the Ministry of Culture, taking photos for the album, designing the cardboard, purchasing a CD banderol and turning it into a CD.

Our arrangement service We will direct you to the arranger that is suitable for your song. The arranger determines the harmonic, melodic and rhythmic structure of the piece. Then he takes vocal recordings, determines which instruments will be used and how intense it will be. In short, it makes your song stand out. Your vocal recordings are taken. Your song is delivered to us after mixing & mastering.

Photo and video shoots It is done in a studio environment with a professional team and staff. In case you want to shoot outside, you must obtain the legal permissions, if any, related to the location where the shooting will take place. In addition, additional costs may arise if the need for equipment and personnel to be used increases.

album distribution As part of our service, your upcoming album is published on all digital platforms, including Amazon, Apple, Turkcell and TTNET.

Press release Within the scope of our delivery service, your news about your album is sent to the press organizations. With this service, it is aimed that your album will be heard in the national press in a short time.

album edition As part of our service, we also provide the physical printing of your digitally released album. We can print a minimum of 1,000 CDs by taking the banderole from the Ministry of Culture and designing album cardboard.

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