It is the perception that you create in the mind of the consumer. It is the distinguishing mark, name and combination of these that differentiate a product or service and give institutions and individuals a special identity.

It is a lifelong emotional relationship between your brand, your products and services and your potential customers. If your product or service has become a brand, you no longer sell it with marketing strategies, but with the demand of your permanent customers.

trademark registration certificate

Branding is a very important process. You should reach your consumer with the right advertisement and first of all register your brand. By registering your brand with Kobimedia assurance, you protect it for 10 years. With the renewal you will make at the end of every 10 years, you can extend this period in any direction you want.


* All legal rights of your registered trademark are yours. They cannot be used without your consent.
* You can transfer your brand to someone else.
* Your registered trademark can be inherited.
* Your registered trademark can be shown as pledge and guarantee.
* Unregistered trademarks cannot benefit from the rights provided by the laws regarding the registration and protection of the trademarks.


No matter how many years you use it, your trademark not registered by the Turkish Patent Institute is not legally yours.

Turkey's guaranteeing of brands have entered in 1995 after başlamıştır.1995 year about No. 556 Brand Protection Decree comes into force, they use firms and individuals, and name helps to distinguish themselves, so they started to ignore protected by registering their brand they use symbols.

Registration applications at the Turkish Patent Institute are processed according to the application date. Your trademark that you have not registered can be protected by another person who applied before you, during the period you are trying to promote. In this case ; A long and difficult legal process is waiting for you, where you will try to prove that you are entitled by applying legal remedies.

As a result of the legal applications of the party, which acts first and protects the brand on its behalf, the relevant court may decide that you will not be able to use the brand you use and invest in.

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