Development of E-Commerce in Turkey

The development and spread of internet technology now allows commerce to be done over the internet. And therefore, e-commerce has become a rising value of today. Many companies now move their sales and marketing networks to the internet. In this way, products and services are conveyed to a much wider audience. When the development of e-commerce in our country is examined, it is determined that this situation is based on much older than expected.

E-Commerce in the Nineties

The inclusion of the Internet in life took place in the nineties, as it will be remembered. In our country, the use of the Internet for the first time began in this period. At this time, the concept of e-commerce in the world was just beginning to develop. In our country, e-commerce started around this time. For the first time in 1995, some world-famous trade sites began to be known in our country. After that, companies in our country had the idea to establish some websites.

First E-Commerce Breakthroughs by Turkish Businessmen

The first step for e-commerce in our country was taken in 1998. One of the first sites to be established, Hepsiburada started to attract a lot of attention. Afterwards, sites such as n11 were opened and the development of e-commerce continued in Turkey.

The interest in these sites prompted other companies to take action. Some businesses have begun to look for ways to market their products online as well. The companies first started by opening a website of their own. Afterwards, the products started to be sold on the sites opened with .

The Contribution of Smartphones Has Been Great

In our country, when e-commerce was just beginning, there was a distrust of the issue. A new shopping system, unknown to the people of our country, could seem frightening from time to time. The negativities about the subject also supported this point of view. However, over time, the removal of security vulnerabilities in e-commerce sites has been beneficial. And then the use of smartphones helped make e-commerce more accessible.

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